Gibraltar Home Improvements Portico and Porch Designs on Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn

Porticos have been an architectural feature adorning buildings since the times of ancient Greece. Porticos offer protection from the weather on your porch which is a really nice thing to have when you’re fumbling for the keys to your house when it’s raining or snowing. They also, if built properly, provide excellent aesthetic appeal to the front of your property which is often the first thing someone will see. However, conversely, a portico that is in poor shape can leave a bad first impression for people visiting your home. In the event of selling your home an old, weathered portico can decrease the value before the appraiser even walks in your door.


For these reasons, a good portico built by a trusted company like Gibraltar Home Improvements can be one of the best additions to your home.


The expert home remodeling team at Gibraltar Home Improvements can custom-build a portico, porch or entrance way to enhance the curb appeal and utility of your home on Long Island, Queens or Brooklyn.


Using our superior craftsmanship and the finest building products on the market. There are many benefits for building a porch or portico beside changing the entire look and feel of your home. In fact, it will help keep you and your visitors dry when you or they get to the front door as well gives you a long term on investment by increasing your home’s equity.


Increase Your Homes Value With Your New Custom Designed Portico or Porches for Your 

Long Island, Queens, or Brooklyn Home

For the ultimate new portico or entrance way, Gibraltar can custom design a covered framed structure finished with a selection from our quality, low-maintenance siding, as well as with new top-notch trim and roofing materials. Or we can simply update your existing front landing with a new, covered structure, one that’s custom-crafted for your home. Either way, our innovative products allow for endless design possibilities, and our seasoned staff of professionals can create a custom portico or entrance way that will be the envy of your neighborhood!

Porches in Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn

Porches are a great addition to any property. On a nice day, they’re an excellent place to sit and enjoy the weather with friends and families. A porch can provide a warm welcome to guests if it’s up to standards, or turn people off if it’s old, and be deteriorating.

Gibraltar has a long history and extensive experience building and remodeling porches. So if you find yourself with an ugly porch or in need of a new portico call us and we'll be happy to come give you a free estimate.

To learn more about the standards that Gibraltar Home Improvements upholds when creating a custom porch and portico for your Long Island home feel free to look come to our showroom! Also, browse the gallery to see some examples of our work!

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